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  Welcome to Stani Tavern  
Welcome to Stani, the ultimate source in Santorini for traditional flavors. Stani is a family operated tavern specializing into Mediterranean cuisine.

Famous Stani dishes include "moussaka" (a ground meat and eggplant casserole), "ampelourgos" (based on lamp), "yemista" (tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and herbs), "yuvetsi" (meat with pasta served in a clay dish) and a variety of home-made pies like spinach, cheese or zucchini and "souvlaki" in an Arabic pita with a yogurt and garlic sauce called "tzatziki".

Try our barrel wine and of course our famous "mastixa"...
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Contact Details: Fira, Santorini - Zipcode : 87400, Phone: 0030 22860 23078, Fax: 0030 22860 23078